Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A bit of hope for the motorist ...

I am pleased to hear that competition officials have finally sent in the inspector heavies in to ask whether there is price fixing at the petrol pumps.  Prices go up like rockets but down like feathers - why?   The wonderfully hard working MP Robert Halfon started rattling cages on this in the UK last year - and I told him we should ask for an international investigation, these are international companies.   My office, working with Rob's office then tabled the first parliamentary question whichl led to question after question in Europe - as well as an increasingly pathetic responses from officials.   It all went a bit silent for a while ... ominous when things go silent ...  then bang, investigators arrive....  it is nice to think we lit a bit of a touch paper here.

If the oil companies are innocent then we need to think again about causes of our high pump prices.   If  not then motorists deserve to be steering their way to a better deal - Furthermore if this does result in fines the money must come back to the UK and national budgets not be squandered in Brussels.

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