Monday, 23 July 2012

on the doorsteps

The sun came out finally, and I spent Saturday morning canvassing in Norfolk for a by-election.  It was extremely positive, with most of the people I met saying yes they would vote, and for us.  However at last door the owner said he would vote UKIP.

"We need a referendum, my sons and daughters have never had a referendum" he said. I agreed.

"We should have had one of that last treaty" he said.  I agreed.

"We cant afford to keep giving Europe our money".  Again I agreed, telling him that I have never voted for an EU budget, and have always argued that it should be much smaller with much less waste.

"And the accounts haven't been signed off for years".  Yes, yet again I agreed that this was unacceptable and told him I have never voted to "discharge" the accounts.

"And there is too much EU law"  Absolutely I agree, thats just why I spend hours and hours and many late nights writing amendments and trying to delete laws,  something my UKIP colleagues seem not to bother even attempting.

"And there are no TV cameras in the European Parliament so we can't see what you are saying"  Here I disagreed, and told him to google me.  All the speeches I have ever given are available on line, and the vast majority of committee meetings too... ok the EP website is a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare - but it is all there.

In fact the only thing that we disagreed about is that the voter would like to take the unilateral disarmament option and just exit from the EU and the single market without having negotiated its new relationship first.  I'm not comfortable with our current relationship with the EU, it needs to be fundamentally changed.   But I would like to know more about what our "out"deal would look like before hitting a final exit button.

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