Sunday, 13 March 2011

Some recent visits

I've just been looking at some photos of recent visits.... Its been a bit of a busy time for hard hats and hair nets.

Last Friday, at Lowestoft discussing reforms of EU fishing quotas with local fish dealer Sam Coles. We want an end to discards, all fish to be landed, to move decision making from Brussels to regional boards and a fair deal for our local small fishermen.

Two weeks ago, visiting Norfolk's state of the art waste sorter. This vibrating machine sorts plastic bottles from cans from paper.

The resulting waste is packaged up and resold. Behind me are milk containers. A proportion of the profits are returned to local councils thus covering the costs of doorstep recycling.

This week visiting CMAC in Great Yarmouth - one of only two European companies that supplies the North American Space Program (NASA) and makes circuit boards for communications satellites. Each minute electronic circuit board can withstand temperatures down to -50C and +125C. Before being sent off into space they are individually inspected through a x20 microscope. It is incredibly clean. I hope to help them with exchange programs for scientists.

Last week on the control centre of a North Sea Oil Drilling Rig. I am reaching out towards the red button of the "blow out" preventer. This is the button that operators failed to push when all was going wrong in the Gulf of Mexico and resulted in BP's Deep Water disaster. I hope that safety lessons from the North Sea will now be mirrored in other countries.

And yes I did need to go in a helicopter - which meant that I had to be spun upside down in a submerged helicopter and escape by pushing out the windows.

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Ellee Seymour said...

It's really good to see you writing about your work like this and showing constituents how hard you work. It's all so very interesting too and demonstrates the skills and value we provide from the Eastern Region.
I particularly feel for the struggling fishermen as I spend every summer in Albedeburgh and always meet them and hear about their struggles to survive. Most have given up.

As an energy spokesman, what are your views on the nuclear situation?