Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Reasons to be Happy

It has been wonderful to see David Cameron in Number 10 and so firmly getting down to business today - actually some of us didn't wait for last night's agreement. The European Parliament was of course continuing full steam ahead on a vast wave of financial services legislation that is coming through Europe.

Eve of Poll last Wednesday when I returned from talking to undecided voters in Thurrock we were up till the early hours working through the latest drafts of financial services legislation. Whilst it would have been nice to grab some sleep after a long and successful election day in Ipswich, on Friday we were looking at yet more proposed re-drafting from other countries MEPS and on Monday it was back to Brussels to vote (Suffice to say I didn't agree with quite all of the proposed text). The following days and weeks will include some crucial negotiations between European Countries on financial services reform - and less than 24 hours after DC set off to meet the Queen there is a UK government team pouring over the nitty gritty details at the highest levels. Well done.

I am very pleased to see so many friends arriving in Westminster - 17 new Conservative MPs from the East of England. They are a highly talented bunch - both men and women. Some have suggested that it would be nice to see more women in the cabinet now... I'm relaxed. Let the newly elected MPs get their feet under their desks and there will be lots of new talent for cabinet posts in years to come.

I am sorry to see some great candidates that were not elected. They worked so hard and would have been great MPs. With 52 of the 58 seats in the East of England now Conservative held it is a small number - but I can not thank them enough for their hard work and friendship.

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