Sunday, 2 May 2010

5 more days to change our politics

Westminster MPs may live in a bubble but the Brussels bubble can be even more isolated. It has been great to be back on doorsteps, in shopping centres and markets talking to voters and hearing their concerns. I've spent the past couple of days manning a call centre talking to hundreds of undecided voters. There were some who just didn't want to talk but a some who really, really do. People know that their vote this time is very important. The longer conversations were with public sector workers who know that changes need to be made and some had great suggestions.

I have to get back to Brussels for key meetings on financial services reform tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday. The rest of the world doesn't stop for our election and it vital that the UK voice is still heard... its a bank holiday here so the UK trains have a reduced timetable... looks like the alarm is set for 5am.

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