Thursday, 2 July 2009

Key Statistics

Today I met the head of the Regional Development Agency.... I am not a fan of "Regional" organisations but she asked me to mull over two sets of numbers. I pass them on to you.

Her numbers....
1. In the East of England £5 million is being spent every day on unemployment benefits;
2. Someone earning £30,000 a year contributes £16,000 a year to the exchequer. If they become unemployed they take out £18,000 per year.

Looking at figures in this way is very blunt edged - the real implications of losing one's job are much more than just monetary, maybe others would interperet this data differently - but these numbers certainly get the brain cells in perspective..

I also met the Chamber of Commerce leader in Cambridgeshire... who sent me away with a long reading list on the cost of bureaucracy and promsies to help me meet his counterparts in other counties.

tomorrow I will be meeting a co-operative of local farmers, speaking at a fundraising lunch and then catching up with one of our bigger county council leaders


Mark Brinkley said...

But what if they'd been working for the state? Then the net difference is surprisingly small.

How many people work for EEDA?

countryman said...

Even on government statistics being in the EU costs us over £40million per day. You could probably add a fair bit on to that to allow for government sinking every bit of EU related expence it can into another heading to hide the true costs from the people of Britain. Better off out, I'm afraid!