Friday, 26 June 2009

Setting up office etc

A few people have asked what I have been doing since the election and why no blogs .... just so you know over the next few weeks I will be looking at launching a new website that will allow readers to peruse Vicky's new role.

Officially I start the job as MEP on 14th July when we are sworn into the parliament. This doesn't mean I, or the other MEPs elect have been sitting in the sun.

I know that if I am to do a good job I need research and admin support. I am in the process of setting up offices both locally and in Brussels and interviewing some of the many many people who have contacted me wanting to join the team. In the UK I asked a local headhunter and an experienced agent to take part in a final interview for the person who will be an office manager/ pa here.. So hopefully the UK end will be live pretty soon after 14 July.

For the Brussels office I have drawn up a short list for a research assistant based on interviews and sent them each a hideous piece of practice research to prepare overnight last night. So again decisions will be made soon. I had a good couple of days in Brussels this week. Mostly admin but also meeting members of our new group. Some very impressive people. Also catching up with the East of England office in Brussels.

I have been trying to get up to speed as quickly as possible with some of the legislation that will hit the new parliament. The financial services legislation in particular must be got right - we must learn from the lessons of the credit crunch and make sure new regulation is good regulation not just rushed into. This has involved various days of meetings in London.

I have been following some of the more local issues that we campaigned on. This week the 3 Tory MEPs (Robert Sturdy, Geoffry Van Orden and me) all signed a joint letter supporting the bid to get some EU funds for our project to help get freight onto the railways across East Anglia and beyond. I will be at a meeting about this on Monday.

I've attended a sub regional conference on "growth", have been campaigning with Chloe Smith in Norwich and am setting up some meetings with some of our council leaders and business leaders over the next fortnight. Tonight I am hosting drinks for some of the local candidates and campaigners who worked in our constituency and nearby (I hope the weather is nice!). This is all before the job is meant to start.

OK and I have also had two very nice Sundays watching cricket, seen the kids school play and cheered on a few races for sports day.


Simple Tory said...

Good to have you back on the blogs!
Managing to resist the chocolate and the moules et frites??
Regarding freight and railways - I hope you, Geoffrey and Robert are talking to the logistics industry. There are many issues affecting this industry sector and I'm not sure that railways are the most important!
Anyway, keep the reports coming.
All the best in Brussels.

Ellee Seymour said...

Hope you and your campaigners had a nice party Vicky.

Anonymous said...

Will you also be setting up an office in Strasbourg? Afterall, you'll have to visit it once a month.

Vicky Ford said...

Dear Anon

I would rather not be in Strasbourg at all... it is a huge waste of money and time. However I whist it exists I will have a computer there and a desk there but my parliamentary researcher will based in Brussels.

Thanks Ellee for your thoughts - it was a good evening and impressive how many people came to help in the district by election here.


Anonymous said...

So in view of your pre-election pledges to be transparent over your expenses and costs of the EU, what will you do about the Strasbourg issue in the next 3 months say?