Monday, 1 June 2009

Question Time in the East

I was extremely impressed by the group of students from all across Norfolk who came to take part in the Politics Show question time debate. You can see it here. (Scroll in 29 minutes to avoid having to listen to Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson).

Their questions were on
1. expenses (we need transparency);
2. the un-audited EU accounts (which the Conservatives have continually refused to vote through)
3. the money Britain pays into the EU (I think the EU budget is too big - and often not well spent here at home ... wish I'd reminded the Labour MEP that his westminster colleagues are giving away our rebate too!);
4. Do we need a referendum - YES;
5. Immigration (the bottom of the recession is not a time to be isolationist, for decades we have relied on migrant workers, for example in farming, but it is also a real issue especially in some areas which is why we need a grown up debate and proper controls).

As someone who is not elected it is of course rather daunting to take on veteran MEPs in front of the TV cameras for the first time - but I enjoyed it!

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