Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Interesting Poster

Passing through the very busy St Albans market today I nearly crashed into this poster van.. but took a picture instead.


Anonymous said...

Nice try. But no Cigar.

We want a referendum on membership of the EU, see what the people say and what they really want. The issue over the referendum for Lisbon is really quite interesting but if there was a No Vote. What would it REALLY change? Would we be forced to leave the EU? It merely brings together all the previous treaties, Rome, Maastricht (wait a sec, is that a dirty word??) etc and codifies it into one.

Nice try. But no Banana.

We have campaigned for PR for ten years and more. For more democratic then FPTP and which your dear leader has rejected for spurious reasons. If 60% of the populace vote for social democratic parties, why shouldnt they make a deal and go into coalition. If 60% of people vote for Tories and UKIP, why shouldnt they make a deal and go into a coalition.

Nice Try but no lemonade

The definition of Liberal can be found eg here I think its quite clear that the Lib Dems do fit these definitions and even some members of the party would like to see more influence of classical liberalism in Lib Dem Policy.

Oh and as for nearly crashing your car, pay attention to the road next time, you are driving, not sightseeing.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed, your heading says "Conservative Councillor" I vaguely remember some bye election being called because you stood down.

Keeping it up... some form of wish-fulfillment perchance?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm-you seem to have found a fruit enthusiast - or should that be a fruitcake? Not sure what the point is.

I am a fan of old fashioned liberals, but not sandal wearing social democrats who are often very unpleasant politically and prepared to say anything to get elected-though I supppose they're not alone in that!

Anonymous said...

The Limp Dims have reneged on their lisbon treaty referendum promise (though I'm not sure it was their promise to give), and now run this wholly disingenuous campaign about whether to stay or leave the EU. Cobblers. They reneged on a promise because they knew the outcome would be a resounding No. Very democratic.

Bollocks bu tno cigar.

Loser ALWAYS want PR. I wonder if they would be arguing for PR if they had swept to power in a GE. Of course not.

Nice try but no warm beer and sandals.

The definition of "liberal" is whatever the beholder wants it to mean. One man's liberal is another's fascism.

Clegg is a vacuous, sanctimonious windbag of the worst kind. He said he wants to be PM - I reckon Osama Bin Laden has more chance - and he's probably more electable than Clegg.

Anonymous said...

Nice try but no champers.

We argue for PR even when we are in control eg local councils and power sharing in Scotland and Wales.

Nice try but no caviar.

David Cameron seems to change his mind according to what he thinks will maximise his majority in the GE. As a result I dont know what he stands for.

PS. I do drink bitter but absolutely hate warm beer. I hate sandals because you can only wear them without socks and the white brightness of my feet (I dont tan easily) would blind people.

PPS. No one seems to have answered my point about whether we would have to leave to EU if we vote No on Lisbon... the french and the irish didnt. So again, what would change if there was a nay vote.

alex said...

The difference, I believe is that we wouldn't have an Eu president, forign policy or eu army. Because of the procedural problems caused by enlargement there would need to be a negotiation of a new EU constitutional settlement. Hopefully with a new anti federal group in the EU we might get a drawing back from the principle of "ever closer union" to a trading block which is what most people in the UK want.

And as for arguing for PR even when in power-I'd love to see what h=would happen if the libs eclipsed Labour as the 2nd party in a Westminster election

Anonymous said...

Yes Ms Ford really should be honest ( difficult for that party at present it would seem ! ) and take down the " Conservative Councillor " claim having after a whole three year stint given up that role to try for the European gravy train .
Perhaps it looked good added to the CV ?
As for Tories slagging off Liberals , talk about pot calling kettle ,Wintertons, Kirkbride and Co ,Cash, etc, etc .
As for Cameron , just another Blair , all mouth and trousers.

alex said...

Yawn yawn-Welcome back to vicky's anonymous fans-settling in for a good weekend of misery no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Alex ,
Surely blog comments arent about " fans " rather they are about putting forward a view , either in support or against the original posting !
Is it 85 Tories at present in the EU Parliament ?
Well they havent made a hapeth of difference to date so what will change after the 4th June on that score.
As for the weekend Im sure many of us rather ordinary mortals are looking forward to more from the Sunday Telegraph regarding our lord and masters at Westminster !
Vote any thing but the three main parties ( not BNP )

Anonymous said...

A bit confusing. I know a lot of people who are outraged that there was no referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and most particularly at the Lib Dems for supporting one. However, not one person who whined away about the fact that they had not been allowed their democratic right to vote on the issue, had actually no idea what the Lisbon treaty contained, let alone read it

alex said...

Anonymous 22.09

I have no problem with you posting any views you want-that is of course the whole point of blogs. It is a shame that you choose to do it under the cloak of anonymity though, as it implies that you don't have the courage to make your comments under your own name, which in my eyes, as with all other snide internet slander, renders them entirely without value! As for voting for minor parties-please do if it makes you feel better, but don't imagine that UKIP are going to help-Farage by his own admission employs his wife (which by the way I don't really have a problem with , but I know many people object to MEPs from other parties doing the same) and has claimed 2 million in expenses in the last 10 years, much of which has been funnelled back into UKIP coffers. If you think thats OK then why would it not be OK for the LDs, Tories or Labour. Or is it just that its OK for people to abuse expenses if you agree with them?

Anonymous 00:14

I have read the Lisbon Treaty (which is more than the so called minister for Europe has, by all accounts. Believe me it was not reassuring in any respect. For that reason I am completely opposed to it and I believe 90% of the British people would be as well if they understood its contents

Anonymous said...

Alex ( is that your real name ! )
Slander , what are you on about ?
You really need to get out more , better still read Guido Fawkes every day.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Democracy Movement outfit were still around. Shouldn't they be giving their money to Ukip or something? Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Im not all of the anonymous on these pages but my name is Ian and I live in the same ward as Vicky. I dont have a problem with putting my name up.

Im not a "fan", but I dont see why we cannot have a jolly good debate about Vicky's views through the comments forum, theres no other route as far as I can tell for this kind of to-ing and fro-ing which I find pretty good fun.

Vicky Ford said...

Dear all - anon or otherwise

Thanks for the comments - its good that so many of you have actually read the Lisbon treaty and therefore understand what is being given away to Europe without a referendum.

I will re-design the banner when time allows. Local readers know that I have stood down as a district councillor but in the village I am still a parish councillor.... which I enjoy doing for my local village. (the playground and cricket ground were looking great tonight....)