Monday, 4 May 2009

From North to South and only one UKIP voter...

I met a UKIP voter today. He said he is going to vote UKIP because "what has happened to Britain since 1997 is all the Conservative party's fault... you should have got rid of Labour by now". I have to admit that I struggled so much with this logic that I had to leave him to his Beer, perhaps Iain Dale. will be able to explain. In the past 6 days of constant campaigning Mr Beer has been the only person to try to defend UKIP to me.

We were enjoying a blustery bank holiday in the village of Stilton at the northern tip of rural East Anglia where many, many hundreds had gathered to watch the annual cheese rolling competition - along with fairground, candy-floss, tombolas, plant stalls and carnival atmosphere that is so much part of British summers. Half a dozen Tories in blue rosettes could not have been given a warmer welcome - from young to old.

On Saturday I was in Thurrock - at the other extreme of the East of England. A stones throw from the Dartford Tunnel and the shoppers paradise of Lakeside, I was knocking on doors with Jackie Doyle-Price who is fighting a Labour stronghold for the next general election. I didn't meet a Labour voter all morning.

Finally this evening I was canvassing in a "Lib Dem stronghold" near Cambridge (actually not a lot of LDs here either). It constantly amazes me that people who say they are voting LD have no idea about their international policy on Europe. When I explain that our local LD MEP not only supports the Lisbon Treaty but also helped draft it - and that he wants to join the Euro - their support seems to melt.

One undecided voter asked me what I would do with the National Debt - "we will have to work our way out of it" I said. People know there are no easy answers but know that it is time for some straight ones.

Addendum .... sorry correction I did meet a lady in Thurrock on Saturday who had voted Labour all her life but she then admitted she had told her 17 year old daughter the night before that it was time for another Margaret Thatcher ... she suggested that I shouldn't count her as a Labour voter any more.


A mid beds tory said...

You may be working hard, but we have seen nothing of you and your team in Bedfordshire. Its making me think that Linda Jack is worth supporting, since she lives in our County.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking. UKIP will easily improve on its 2004 result in East Anglia. You are evidently worried.

Steve Tierney said...

@Mid-Beds Tory

Your comments seemed a little strange, as if you didn't realise this Ms. Ford is a European candidate not a local candidate?

With the EU Voting System being so different, candidates have to cover an immense area, vastly larger than any MP ever has to.

There's no way you can expect your MEP to necessarily 'get to you'. The areas they represent are just too huge to campaign in the same way as a General or Local election would be campaigned.

Whether another MEP 'lives near you' has no bearing on their job in the EU. This isn't local politics.

On the other hand, you *should* see the local County Conservatives at your door over the next few weeks at some point and they will bring with them the MEP literature and represent the MEP. You wouldn't have seen them yet as the campaign period for county literally is only just beginning. (I'm a candidate in NE Cambs, and I only got my literature this morning!)

Have some faith! Your Conservative reps will get to your door, I'm sure!

a mid beds tory said...

@ Vicky Ford & @ Steve

I know that there are no local MEP's my point is I've heard nothing from ANY of them. All we seem to see is Linda Jack and the Labour Man, which is a shame since we have a number of MEP's who only appear to work at election time. Take Van Orden, whats he been up too? never see, hear, a word!

I am an activist, and am dissapointed by our MEP's - I have been canvassing for weeeks with colleagues who intend to stand for the new Central Beds Council but we have no literature from the MEP's or wanna-be's!

You would have thought with all the turmoil here in Bedfordshire, the party would have put resourses into the area. Take Bedford for example, its going to be melt down for us. And Mid Beds, well Nadine is busy with here TV apperances to help us on the ground.

Anyway, im thinking of supporting Linda Jack, at least she has been around and appears to work hard.

a mid beds lib dem said...

I am an activist and I never see Linda Jack or any of them round here. I think I will vote for Geoffrey Van Orden as he seems such a nice chap

A mid beds troll you are Linda Jack and I claim my £5

a mid beds lib dem said...

PS oh yes, if you think that because someone lives in Bedfordshire (or indeed any other county) is a good reason for voting for them then you are definitely stupid enough to be a Lib Dem!

Vicky Ford said...

Dear mid beds "tory"

As it happens I am on my way to Luton and will be campaigning there this morning. If you want to meet John Flack or Claire Whelan you can meet them on Saturday

Hope to see you there!

You will no doubt also have seen Claire Strong leading the campaign march to stop expansion of Luton into Beds and Herts green belt on Sunday

a mid beds tory said...

Vicky - Luton is not Mid Bedfordshire! Its here, green wellie country that we want to see you in.

Your clearly out of touch to say Luton is in Mid Bedfordshire.

Woburn, Harlington, Shefford - these are the places we want to see you in.

Vicky Ford said...

I did not say Luton is in mid Beds but it is in Beds (though a unitary authority), your accusation is that we have not been in Bedfordshire. Shame Nadine has had to cancel tomorrow evenings meeting in Mid Beds. I have been with her in your wonderful constituency. I know it well having been there many times in recent months and helped campaign there over the years. FYI I have visited 54 of the 58 Westminster constituencies in the East of England in the past year or so. I look forward to visiting the others in the next few weeks.

a mid beds tory said...

So which towns and villages have you been to in Mid Beds then?

J said...

Hmm, 24 hours and 15 minutes to go from "we have seen nothing of you and your team in Bedfordshire" to "So which towns and villages have you been to in Mid Beds then?"

Goalpost moving, a classic sign of a troll.

Ignore, move on.

Anonymous said...

I bet you've met a lot more UKIP voters this week Vicky!

michael mcgough