Thursday, 21 May 2009

From mending the potholes to hankies for Obama...

Last night I met a David Cameron fans. A frail elderly lady in Cambridge answered the door. When DC and Samantha had their third child she knitted a baby blanket for them. She even showed me David's thank you letter. However she is extremely concerned as she has not yet received a thank you from Michelle Obama for the lace hankies that she popped in the post to the White House a few weeks ago. Could I help her sort out what is wrong with the US postal system? I suggested that she gives the Obamas a few more weeks to respond. It made a difference from the normal complaints about potholes and pavements but perhaps more difficult to sort out.

Seriously though there have been some accusations (from other parties!) that we Conservatives are not out and about meeting the public enough in this election - this could not be further from the truth. We are not only on the doorsteps but also actively going to places where we might meet as many members of the public as possible. Yesterday as well as canvassing in Cambridge we spent some time handing out leaflets during the home rush hour near the station. OK this photo was taken between trains! One taxi driver took my leaflet - read it and then came back asking for a bundle. He was so impressed he would like to share our message with passengers.

Tonight I will attend a public hustings organised by a community group in Woodbridge, Suffolk and on Monday I will attend another hustings in Cambridge.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she should take my mother's attitude and send Michelle a Christmas card saying "Happy Christmas - I was so worried that least years' present didn't get to you that I haven't sent anything this year as I obviously can't trust the mail"

Geoff said...

Vicky Many thanks for taking the time to come out all the way to Woodbridge on the Suffolk coast yesterday evening to give us the Conservative perspective on Transition Towns. Best wishes in your campaign to become one of our MEPs.