Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Feedback from the Streets....

As a candidate in the upcoming European Elections I am covering hundreds of miles and meeting hundreds of people each day - I hope I am not spreading Swine Flu ... no sneezes yet!

In Kings Lynn today the shops were very busy. Lynn draws people from not just Northern Norfolk but across the fens from Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire too. It is no surprise that after the expenses scandals stories many residents say not going to vote but they were outnumbered by those who will - if I had a penny for every person who told me they were pleased with the action that David Cameron took yesterday then I would more than have covered all my recent petrol fill-ups. People are always surprised when I tell them that candidates are volunteers and not paid for their time or any expenses. Incidentally if elected I will publish any expenses on line.

I then went down to Eye in Suffolk to canvas with Cllr Guy McGregor who has become a friend through our shared passion to help get long distance freight off the roads and onto the rail. Guy informed me that the bid for EU funds to help this project went in today.... finally our lobbying of the Department for Transport has worked. The bid should have gone in years ago. British taxpayers money is paid into the EU and we must get our fair share back.

Guy had arranged a public meeting in the beautiful town hall. The crowd that turned up were surprised to hear that this is one of the larger audiences that have been at such meetings across the country. Guy and his fellow district councillors spoke with great passion about the differences that have been made to affordable housing, schools and roads in the areas... as well as how the care for the rurally isolated elderly population. Good stuff.

I'm sorry if I bored them to death with what the Tories are doing to fight back against silly EU directives affecting the poultry industry, food labelling, how new UK cars no longer need seperate tests in 27 countries etc -let alone everything that is wrong with the Lisbon treaty but they are important too.

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Stephen Britt said...


Thanks for your efforts in Eye yesterday!

It's always fun when out canvassing! We had a good reception on the doorstep last night, especially following David Cameron's prompt and robust response to MP's expenses. To cap it all I was only told to 'go forth and multiply' once!!

Thanks also for taking questions from the 'record' crowd that had gathered in Eye Town Hall to interrogate both you and Guy.

All the best on the Campaign Trail!!


P.S. How were Eye's favourite chips??