Thursday, 7 May 2009

Difficult times and parliamentary expenses

This morning, in Brentwood (Essex), I met a mother very slowly pushing her young daughter's buggy down the street - number two is due in July. They had just said goodbye to her husband who was made redundant recently. He was on his way to a job interview - perhaps he will be one of the lucky ones. I once put my hand up for redundancy and though for me it was "voluntary" and I was reasonably confident I had other options, it was still terrifying.

In Peterborough this evening I knocked on the door of a man who had just voted to take a pay cut in order to try to save his job, the company he works for and his fellow workmates. He had to explain this to his 17 year old daughter just as the TV was exposing another MP expenses story. Not yet able to vote herself she is already furious - so is he. He had spent 25 years serving his country on the frontline in the RAF. We talked.

I explained that if I am elected on June 4th and want to do the job well then I will need some help - but told him I won't employ any family members. Interestingly he said he didn't care about that - provided they are the right person and work hard. He said I should make public what is spent and what I've done.... so that if he thinks I have done a bad job or wasted his money he can vote me out. I agreed to do this.

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