Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Little things...... sometimes add up

I have now been a local councillor for nearly 3 years ... its often a thankless task with heavy wadges of bureaucratic papers and endless meetings but from time to time it is also the chance to do little things that just might help.

I live in a middle sized village, and as a councillor I represent seven smaller neighbour villages too. We are very rural - it is ten miles to a bank, further still to a police station but there have been a number of frightening break-ins. How does one reduce crime?

The public transport here is useless for commuters so cars are a necessity. Our village's carbon footprint is frightening... how do we reduce it?

Like many communities we struggle to find people with time on their hands to give to voluntary work.

Last month I put two notices in the village mag. I wasn't holding high hopes. One was to find volunteers for neighbourhood watch schemes. The second was to find people interested in helping to save power.

I'm glad to report that the village has come up trumps. Tonight's meeting set up four new neighbourhood watches.

On the "carbon" issue; working with the district council I am promised a handful of electricity monitors for use by residents. Within hours of the village mag hitting the doorstep three village volunteers have offered to run a library scheme so their neighbours can work out what's eating their electricity.... and today I had an email from a village nearly 20 miles away in a different county asking how they could do the same.

Small things....


Anonymous said...

Theres a police presence in Linton, barely three miles from your home. Such a shame your party refused to consult with local residents over the move of the station and PCSOs to Sawston.

I hope you are supporting plans revealed in the recent lib dem Focus to use the local Fire Station in Linton as a base instead.

Vicky Ford said...

The accusation here by Anon is totally untrue. It is local Conservatives who immediately raised the relocation of the police "station" (actually office) via the local website discussion forum - and received hundreds of comments and consensus that relocating the police station to the Fire Station was the right place. Thus taking this suggestion directly to the police at the public meeting on Policing before Christmas that LD councillors failed to attend.... Its good that the LDs are supporting the Conservative suggestion --- Its now up to the polie.... thank you and lets not smeargate on this website!

Anonymous said...

The plans to close the Police Officer were revealed by the libdems in the winter focus delivered to residents of your ward certainly just after christmas. Cllr Keith Walters talks about a presence but has not indicated to the Libdem councillors for Linton what he means by that.

Surely a much wider information campaign from your party would have been more effective then responding to a few comments on a website, which, by the way (and Im assuming you mean local conservative association website), I am having trouble finding via google using Linton or Balsham Conservatives as search terms.

As for smeargate, I resent that implication as I have made no attempt to smear your personal reputation. Im happy to put forward my point of view just as you are entitled to your view, thats called proper political discourse, thats called proper debating.