Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Helping Developing Countries

At Conservative Party Spring Forum this weekend I was asked by a number of people about my experiences with Project Umubano and Conservative volunteers in Rwanda. I told them all that if they get a chance to spend even a few weeks offing volunteer time in a developing country they should grab the chance.

Two years ago I joined 60 Conservatives in Rwanda. My project was to restore and enlarge a pre-school at the Girubuntu Orphanage. Since I left the orphanage has re-located to a larger site- but there are now plans to start a new building. Last year Andrew Mitchell MP led over 100 Conservatives back again, this time to do many more projects. This year he plans an even larger group and to visit two countries.

Tomorrow Andrew Mitchell will be joining me campaigning in Norfolk. We will be finding out what it is like to be a volunteer in an Oxfam shop as well meeting local people who, despite tough economic times, are continuing to raise funds for those less well off than themselves.

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