Wednesday, 29 April 2009

First Blood of the European Election Campaign

It's not just postmen that get bitten by dogs... Today I was helping a local county council candidate deliver some letters to constituents. I lifted a letter box, pushed the envelope through and bang - jaws on finger.

As a dog owner I have never really believed other victim's tales of the sneaky dogs that lie in silence just waiting for that juicy deliverer's morsel - surely one must hear their mutley sniggers? - but I swear this dog gave me no warning. Does he/she/it only go for Conservative fingers or are all parties equal targets?

I'm OK - it's only a small bite. Not like a volunteer in Luton who lost her finger in a similar incident a few elections ago. I marched past the HUGE sign on the GP's surgery door that now tells everyone with flu symptoms to stay away - The district nurses were great; they checked my tetanus, gave me this smart bandage and told me to come back pronto for antibiotics if there is any sign of infection.

The highly observant of you will notice that I am not wearing a wedding ring. Hugo and I are still very happily married but I have taken it off for now in case of swelling. Perhaps I'm paranoid but we did start our wedding night in A&E having Hugo's signet ring cut off ... but that's another story.


Anonymous said...

Don't suppose the Conservative Party will give you an increased pension as a result of your war wound?!

Anonymous said...

As a Tory Councillor I was bitten by a dog on the Saturday before the election. I was given a tetanus booster (telling my wife I was in a room with a young lady in who was a nurses uniform and taking my trousers off)
the dog caught alcoholic poisoning

Will S said...

The closest I got was a couple of weeks back when I pushed a leaflet through the door and heard the dog's fangs go 'clack' right between my fingers. I got a bit of its saliva on my fingers, but luckily nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one of the Downing Street attack dogs (maybe Liam Byrne Ed Balls or Tom Watson?) has been using their 2nd home allowance to buy a pad in Cambridgeshire

jailhouselawyer said...

My dog Rocky bites anything that comes through the letter box, cheques, bank card and driving licence included!

Today I spent 7 hours in a police station and was charged with two offences.

Jailhouselawyer and Rocky under attack againNew guidance to crack down on dangerous dogs

John Fuller said...

I had the backside ripped out of my jeans last week whilst delivering leaflets in South Norfolk. Fortunately no other vital damage but a near miss.

Michael said...

Hope you remembered to get the dog's email address

John M Ward said...

I've had that happen to me when leafleting. I had to stop and return home (luckily just round the corner from where I happened to be on my route at the time) for a dressing.

I repair very quickly, so was back on the job the following day.

I do wish that all owners of dogs who are capable of reaching their letter box would have either a basket for the post (as my grandmother did) or an outside postbox.

Anonymous said...

It not just tories!! Whilst delivering Lib dem material round and about, Ive had a dog bite through the material of my jeans and slightly grazed my leg (and I thought he knew me!!). Luckily they were pretty baggy, so a tip for tory deliverers... go out in hip hop baggy trousers showing the label of your pants and you'll be a lot safer!!

Ive stared down a couple more dogs but luckily ive never actually received a bite, its those pesky letter flaps that try and trap me!

Vicky Ford said...

Dear all

Thank you for you wonderful stories of similar incidents and advice.... Finger much better here. No swelling and hope to move to normal sticking plaster in the morning.

As for the question about pensions - no candidate gets any pay for standing in elections. Despite what you may read about expenses for candidates its in the heart not the wallet. Though I am glad that the lady who lost her finger in Luton was able to claim some compensation under an insurance policy for volunteers.