Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Watching out for your neighbours

Last night a few local residents and councillors met the police. With 2 days left until Christmas this was our quarterly chance to brainstorm about Crime in the neighbourhood and help plan police priorities for the months ahead.

The police were pleased that Christmas drink driving seems to be down (is this because we're not partying so much this year?), but there are still spates of break ins and anti Social behaviour about - as well as the repeated concern that many "crimes" that we know of on the grapevine are not being reported.

We agreed that one of our actions for the new year is to try to start up some more Neighbourhood Watch groups in the area. These seem to have lapsed in many places in recent years. I have no doubt that 2009 will be a time when we all need to care for our communities more in many ways.

If you are aware of good Neighbourhood watches in your area (especially in isolated rural communities) please do let me know. Ideas and sharing of good practice would be very welcome.

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Keith & Sue Barton & Ken Wood said...

Vicky, just wanted to wish you & Hugo and the kids a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all in Northfield.