Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Thoughts

I've been wrapping Christmas Presents - Like everyone else we've cut back this year. The High Street Gizmo Gift to my sibblings has given way to a hamper of home made sloe gin, Chutney and other wares helping local producers. Each one also contains a gift or two supporting a charity and a pic'n'mix from Woollies.

It was Blitz Spirit last Friday with Woolworths Staff in my local store. They could not have been more helpful or kind, whilst facing huge uncertainty.

Today Rowan Williams has asked us to care for those whose jobs are lost, on the line or whose savings uncertain.

I am also worrying for

Charity Workers, where donations may be running down, they often are the front line in caring for the most needy

Our International Aid Projects, where the Exchange Rate collapse has impacted our already small assitance overseas

School and University Leavers this year, who fear they may hit a brick wall in the jobs market.... Not a lot is being said about this group by politicians at the moment...

My Local Communtity, where there has been a spate of burgularies... and a very fearful community as a result

BUT there is Good news.... This Christmas I have seen amazing generosity of local people in difficult circumstances. The annual Tory christmas bash also helped to support a local church and my own open house sent money to seven different charities. I am very proud of my local community.

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