Friday, 25 July 2008

Update on the roads

I've realised that I haven't blogged for a while - but its been a busy few weeks. I've been meeting local people across the East of England from Hatfield on the A1 to South Essex, Suffolk and deepest Norfolk. Many issues that come up some affect just a few - like the distressed farmer's wife discussing the incompetence of Defra over TB, and Dunstables by-pass issues. Other issues come up again and again. These are the economy, house prices, petrol and oil prices and our crumbling deathly road network.

Locally, in my area, our dreadful rural road has claimed 6 tragic lives this year. Including an horrific accident this weekend. Three teenagers have died this year. This is a tiny community and a tiny 10 mile stretch of road. At one local school there is a child in every year who has lost a parent, grandparent, sister or brother or been involved in a fatal accident themselves. If it was a motorway or an urban road I believe it would have been sorted out years ago. The East of England that has contributed so much to Britains growth in the past decade but our back routes are left to suffer. I'm trying to speak out about this at every single opportunity I can.

We have been promised improvements but in my mind and those of other campaigners these are not enough. In the meantime the government wants to drop another new town at the end of the road. We can not take any more.

Off the roads this evening I joined George Freeman, the parliamentary Candidate for Mid Norfolk on the river Cam at the Bumps. George was entertaining clients, friends and family and then dashed off to stroke an eight on the river. He's moving house up to Norfolk next month (where many of his family live), finding schools for the kids and making new friends as well as running his business supporting scientific innovators and planning his election campaign. I am so glad there are people like George ready to take up the mantle in the next general election. Boy do we need their energy.

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