Friday, 6 June 2008

How will the Irish vote?

Lots of people have asked me recently how I think the Irish will vote in their referendum on the Lisbon treaty. I have always said that I think a "yes" vote is not a done deal in Ireland. Latest polling data shows the "no" campaign is edging ahead.

Since I was a child I have regularly visited the remote west of Ireland for my summer holiday - I remember when this part of the country was so, so poor, shoeless children pouring out of tumble down cottages, donkeys being used to carry turf and ancient tractors etc etc. It has changed so much and a lot of that has been due to EU investment. However I also remember the anger of local residents at the post-Euro inflation they suffered in everyday prices and last year hearing great concern about the pace of recent change. I will not be surprised if they vote "no".

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Jonathan M. Scott said...

I might even get the bus down to Dublin to campaign for a No vote...