Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Helping Zimbabwe

I've been asked to promote this website, the by a friend who writes

"I don't normally ask those I know to support a cause, but I cannot let
what is going on in Zimbabwe pass without doing something. I am saddened
and angered by the way people who just want the right to vote are being
attacked and intimidated. They shouldn't be ignored. That is why I have
gone to the website and made a donation. If you could
too then that would make a world of difference to people who have the
courage to fight for a better life. Will you give them your support too?"

I have made a donation, Iain Dale has more information about the website verifying its legitimacy. Only 3 years ago my local UK supermarket regularly stocked produce from Zimbabwe. I remember questioning this at the time... but today the country is decimated without enough food to feed themselves let alone export.


Worried said...

This email blast found its way to me as well.

I don't trust this individual to carry out an effective campaign to help Zimbabweans. Honestly, I don't even trust him to dispense the funds in a responsible fashion.

I think it's best to donate to a more established organization. Google can be of some help.

Vicky Ford said...

Thank you that is helpful...