Thursday, 1 May 2008

Election Day

One minor election count that might be worth watching tonight is Cambridge City. The Conservatives don't currently hold a single seat in Cambridge or Oxford - winning back just one seat in the very Liberal Democrat dominated Cambridge would be a major morale boost. Last year we were within just 18 votes in one ward. I've been canvasing there this week and helping to deliver early morning reminder slips today. The doorstep reception to Conservatives is positive - but it's too close to call and the weather matters!


Tim Noble said...

I'm hoping to help vote Ken out of London today...fingers crossed!


Wallenstein said...

The last thing Cambridge needs is a Tory presence on the council - look at the mess in South Cambs and Shire Hall... little wonder Cambridge voters don't trust Tories to run their city!

Vicky Ford said...

and look at the difference in a year at South Cambs since the Tories took over leadership from the LDs - then damned as a failing council now on the route to recovery. Oh and lets not mention the council tax difference between the LD City and the Tory controlled countryside.....

alex said...

Wallensteins link is of course to the CGI inspection published in February 2007. This report was commissioned because of complaints arising from the period 2005-6, when the council was not under Conservative control! As Vicky says the follow up report published this year stated that

South Cambridgeshire District Council has responded positively to the 2007 Corporate Governance Inspection findings. It has made good progress against each of the four corporate governance themes, and there are promising prospects for improvement in some areas. The Council has substantially achieved the first year of the improvement plan submitted to the Audit Commission and Improvement Board

This was ahieved under Conservative control-put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Anonymous said...

Vicky and her mates might find that tomorrrow South Cambs wont be under Tory control !
Fingers crossed .
By the way the CGI first report actually praised the Leadership of Sebastian Kindersley at SCDC and when the report was issued it was so critical of the then Leadership ( two Tories ) that one of them stood down , the other one leaves tomorrow.

Wallenstein said...

How would you rate the performance of CCC under Tory guidance?

Remind me what happened to dear Shona recently? Forced to resign after months in the job for trying to nobble the recruitment of a new Chief Exec... that's without even mentioning the Guided Bus fiasco ;-)

alex said...

I think the county council has had a disastrous few months.

Actually as far as the DC goes, it might be just as well run by the LDs as the Tories (though I doubt it!) What is clear is that no overall control is a disaster. I have a lot of respect for Sebastian Kindersley, though I wouldn't trust the rest of the LD group to run a bath.

That said it is a pretty typical LD trick to say that everything has been a disaster since the Conservatives took control of SCDC which is patently not the case

Luckily it seems like Vicky's political antennae are right on the mark-one seat in Cambridge and an increased majority on SCDC-well done all round

Anonymous said...

The Tories have actually done surprisingly poorly both in the city and at South Cambs .
Just one seat in Cambridge and only one gain at SCDC .
Surely you would have expected much much more given the national situation !
And at SCDC the only and only Labour councillor kept his seat , but he is a thoroughly nice chap and a gentleman as well as a very good local councillor , a fact not lost on his residents.

Alex said...

Dear anonymous (for it was she). I presume it was you who wrote

Vicky and her mates might find that tomorrrow South Cambs wont be under Tory control

So who has done surprisingly poorly?

Difficult to know how they could have done much better IMHO. Possibly they could have gained 1 or 2 more seats but as far as I can see a lot of local folk were predicting they might lose a seat or two.

Of course people vote in local elections for local people they trust. I am very happy that Nigel Cathcart was re-elected. The truth seems to be, though, that most of the people they trust seem to be Conservatives!

Anonymous said...

Alex, Read again ,
In the light of the national situation .
Given that the Tories have won huge gains across the country ( read Conservative Home ) you would have surely expected that here they would have picked up many more .
This they have failed to do .
Why is that do you suppose.

alex said...

Probably because they took most of their gains from labour. The Libdem vote and number of councillors was static nationally and static in SCDC.

As you say we only have one labour councillor and he is a good man and a good councillor so unlikely to be shifted. I would say our results mirror the national ones exactly

James Strachan said...

Well, as City Chairman and agent, I've just done my number crunching.

Conservatives in the City got MORE votes this year than last year - 7410 compared to 7218 in 2007, 6799 in 2006.

So we are getting there - and Chris Howell's victory in Coleridge is the first swallow of summer.

Anonymous said...

And of course the Cuckoos also come back at this time !
I fear that the Tories still havent understood whats happening in the country .
The public is rightly sick to the back teeth of what the country has become .
Power should be used not just though of as a win.
The rot started with John Major and has rocketed under New Labour .
We want a country where our history and way of life are respected and valued instead of being constantly eaten away .
I dont see anything from " Dave " that tells me hes going to reverse the slide .
No talk of smaller gov , no talk of getting rid of the miriads of beurocrats in the town halls up and down the land ( the people who really are in charge of the councils )
No talk of getting rid of the compensation PC culture we all live in fear of.
No hes no Maggie and I fear that he is just Blair with a different face.
The futore is bleak , start looking now for another place to go before its too late.