Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A Crew to Crewe

Yesterday I joined John Flack - one of the Eastern Region's other MEP candidates and a group of others on a day trip to Crewe and Nantwich to help support the parliamentary by election.

We were detailed off to the outlying villages around Nantwich. A beautiful day in a beautiful part of the country. Canvassing a relatively new estate of mixed housing we found many Conservative supporters and many former Labour supporters who will not be voting for Gordon next week. I was left with the clear impression that Gordon Brown is right to panic - I'm glad that he has finally done something about his 10p tax rate fiasco but believe it was only political panicking forced the u-turn.


Jonathan M. Scott said...

Also looking forward to my trip to Crewe & Nantwich this weekend.

New housing estates are full of people who once would have been proud to vote new Labour as Bliar appealed to them. These days, these people are ashamed they ever voted Labour and many say, "Never again."

Well done, Gordon.

Anonymous said...

The name Dunwoody could still hold the seat , after all her mother was hugely liked and respected throughout the political world .
She fought off New Labour when they tried to unseat her from the Transport Select Comm and she wasnt afraid of anyone , perhaps shes passed some of that grit onto Tamsin ?
It will be an interesting one to watch .