Sunday, 27 April 2008

What do posters tell you about Local Elections?

It may be childish but my top moment of this weekend was Saturday morning canvasing in a "Safe LD" ward in Colchester. As a tide of young blue rosette bearers hit the patch I cockily knocked on the sitting LD councillors' door. "I'm just canvassing for the Conservative Party" I piped as the team passed by. 11.30am on the Saturday before election day and he was putting his feet up at home. You should have seen his face when he realised we were on his home turf. I was told that the Greens are picking up lots of LD protest votes and judging from the huge number of Green posters in his neighbours' windows there are a large number of disaffected LDs. We ran through our entire stock of Tory posters by lunchtime and had to send back for more.

The night before I'd been canvassing in another LD stronghold in S Cambridgeshire. Lots of LD posters around but in two hours I didn't meet a single LD voter... only Tory or undecided.

Talking of posters, given the global credit crisis, I've been dreading a moment when I turn a corner and become overwhelmed by FOR SALE posters. There are a lot more about and I hope that this is not a sign of things to come, these were in Harlow on Saturday afternoon. There I found another buoyant Conservative team and a lot of disaffected Labour voters - many of whom just said they wouldn't bother to vote.

The weekend rounded up in North London today Backing Boris with Richard Fuller, our candidate for Bedford. In five hours canvassing no posters (any colour) seen but I found a great election buzz, everyone said they are going to vote. Many have already, the vast majority I spoke to were for Boris - and I was stopped on many doorsteps to discuss the intricacies of the second preferences.

I know that just a few hours in each constituency doesn't give a full picture, posters don't vote but Thursday's result will be very interesting.


Rachel Joyce said...

You've got amazing energy Vicky - keep up the good work!

Praguetory said...

Excellent - love the way that you always have fun when you're out on the campaign trail. PT