Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Think before voting for single issue candidates

In the past few weeks I visted various parts of the East of England helping with local election campaigns. Dotted around there is the usual variety of "worthy independents" and single issue candidates. Think ahead - what will you want your councillor to do for you?

I've been a local councillor for the past couple of years - It has opened my eyes to the plethora of issues our councillors deal with.

So what has been in my inbox this month?

From the very local - trying to rehouse an elderly disabled couple, the planning issue that threatens to close a village pub, and do we protect our green lanes?;

To the mid sized - this morning's meeting helping to find a temporary home for the 80 children of the after school club while their building gets urgent repairs, will the post office be on the closure list?

To the big picture - brokering a meeting to get progress on our overcrowded killer roads, how should meagre handful of police officers prioritise their workload?, helping one of our largest local employers get their questions answered about threats to their industry.

To the massive - what do we do about the ludicrous location proposed for Gordon Brown's Eco Town? where do those 26,000 new homes go (that many just in one little district... 3 million in the Region),

Yes, local politics is about local people and local issues - but it would not be possible to work on so many issues without being part of a team - the team support provided by being a member of a political group is invaluable.

When you elect a councillor they will be with you for a number of years - no one can predict their future inbox contents - Think twice before voting for a single issue candidate or "worthy" independent.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you weren't there very long yourself, were you? The good thing about the "worthy indpendents" that you are so keen to disparage is that they are there to do the job people elected them for and not in order to get a ticket for the next gravy train leaving the station.