Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Good News and Very Sad News

Firstly thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Euro-Selection election. I am very honoured to be offered the highest possible ranking and I know that there will be a lot of work to do. At the initial selection meeting I asked the audience what they would want from their Euro MP ... again I throw that question to my blog readers.

On my way back from holiday I received the devastating news that another teenage young life has been lost on our local road. A girl that I remember as a beautiful and highly talented child. She died crossing the road after getting off the bus to go home.

This accident happened on exactly the same stretch of road where another teenager died last year. Tragically work on the safety improvements approved since the first accident will not start until this summer (that is nearly 18 months on).

In my very local area I'm trying to arrange a cross party meeting of locally elected representatives prepared to think out of the box, to try to find some ways our road can be made safer. How long does it take to arrange a meeting??? - quite a long time as the road covers not only district but also county boundaries. I have yet to hear of a council that has spare money for its highways budget but there must be ways to speed up the decision making process and to think across county/district borders.


Mark Brinkley said...

So where did all the money come from for the new roundabout at Babraham?

If we had a roundabout at the Shudy Camps turn, two at Horseheath, one at the Bartlow turn, one at Linton-Bartlow crossroads and a traffic light for Linton High St, the A1307 would be reduced to what it should be - something like Haverhill by-pass - instead of a remaining a speed track.

alex said...

The Babraham roundabout was paid for by the Babraham research Institute, I believe. Sadly its apparently not possible to fund these sort of road improvements out of the county council budget-they cant even afford to fill in the holes in the road!

Anonymous said...

Well I normally vote Conservative, but will now be voting LIB DEM at the Euro Elections.

Your ALL PR - and no ACTION.

Anonymous said...

Its greatly disappointing that you choose to put your " win " on the same item as yet another death on a local road .
Tactless comes to mind.
As for the MEP elections .
The Conservative Home web site used the word Gerrymandered and asks is it true that a possible 20% of ballot papers were spoilt.
It also goes on to say ,
" Women who received the top slots despite receiving less support from the grassroots " and " It reveals that few women would have been awarded top slots if the preferential system had not been in place " and yet more " In the Eastern Region Vicky Ford was awarded the highest place for non incumbents even though John Flack won more support from members "
And we reckon Magabe is corrupt when it comes to elections !
I dont know how anyone with a conscience could let themselves be declared " a winner " under such a system .
It should simply be first past the post whatever sex they are.
Its an insult to most intelligent women to be given a lift up any greasy pole on a question of their sex.
If your up to the job you will be chosen , instead this Tory party seems to be happy to tilt the odds for the sake of political correctness , how pathetic is that from a once great party .
Still I expect youd take anything that would get you away from South Cambridgeshire District Council , after all didnt you only join it to add to your CV ?
I have to agree with Anonymous at the next Euro election vote something other than Tory .
Me , it will be any one who wants out of the gravy train .

alex said...

Oh dear anonymous-axe to grind? perhaps a disaffected LD or independent councillor? Thank god there are people like Vicky on SCDC who have some nous and drive to get what was a pretty useless council up until 2 years ago back on some sort of track.

As for doing it for her CV, I think even her most uncharitable opponents (of whom you are no doubt one) would recognise the energy and commitment she has brought to the council. I for one will be very sad that we are losing her. I certainly don't think it is a sad thing if the council attracts people with the ambition to go further if the opportunity presents itself. Rather that than the sad bunch of no-hopers and geriatrics it seems to have attracted in the past

Anonymous said...

Im not a disaffected anything , just someone who keeps their eyes and ears open on the local and national political stage.
As for sad people on the local council have you ever met the present Tory group .

TallPaul said...
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TallPaul said...

Oh dear. Some sad comments there.

Congratulations Vicky. You've worked bloody hard to get this far and it's good to hear that you've found some success at last. I think I'd have long since given up by now after all those selection committees.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alex,

When SCDC was run by the sad bunch of geriatrics and no-hopers in the past, it had small offices and large reserves. Now largely thanks to Tory leadership it has a rising council tax, small and shrinking reserves, and a massive HQ half-empty if the council housing is sold off, in the middle of nowhere.

The more party politicians that council has had on it, the faster it has progressed in ever-decreasing circles, Tories in the lead as always.

It makes me sad, but I'm only just COPE-qualified rather than geriatric, and as to hopeless: while there's life, there's always hope!

alex said...

Just remind me who was running the council when they moved to the new offices? (I may be wrong but I think it was in no overall control with a Lib Dem in charge-or is that a tautology?)

And whose policy it was that councils weren't allowed to hold on to their reserves but had to spend them? Gordon Brown

I tend to agree with your point about party politicians in local politics, but at the end of the day some direction is better than none, imperfect leadership is better than no leadership and everything I read in the CEN about SCDC suggests that things have been steadily improving since the council has been under control of one political group rather than drifting under no control. Sorry if that isn't what you feel, but its certainly a strong perception from where I'm sitting

And hear hear to tallpaul - WELL DONE VICKY

Anonymous said...


The crucial time in the process of SCDC moving (at a net cost of £5million capital and approx £100,000 annual running costs for as long as this last figure was kept) to the Great hall of the People was 2001 when the decision to sell the Hills Road office and move was taken.

SCDC was under no overall control at that time, but the leader of the council was a Tory, and every Tory present voted for the move. At the time of the move the council also had a Tory leader, but this is a matter of coincidence, as the crucial decision had already been taken.

Sorry to intrude on your blog, Vicky. And, yes, well done, always nice when someone achieves one of their ambitions. Never an ambition of mine - I'd leave the EU tomorrow by the nearest door without stopping to pick up my goody bag - but then, we're not all the same.

alex said...

Hi Anon

Thanks for correcting my inaccurate recollection. I am glad you are so well informed!

The point is well made by what you say however, that the move decided in 2001 was not solely a Tory endeavour (although it had their support) and indeed had nothing to do with the current Tory "cabinet", most of whom were not even on the council at the time, so it is a little disingenuous to blame it all on the current Tory group as you appeared to do in your opening tirade!

Still I suppose that's party politics for you...

Anyway I shall now leave to let Vicky get on with her blog in peace-sorry for the intrusion and good luck as an MEP