Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Enjoying seeing the police around

I popped out this evening to help Roger Hickford, one of the Conservative party's excellent local candidates for May 1st election.

We were in Hildersham, a small village a few miles outside Cambridge. Here elderly residents in a quiet close were recently the subjects of a frightening distraction burglary. One of a series across large stretches of Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk.

Whilst we were there the police arrived. This evening they had special permission to stop and question each car entering the village and were near the close. Local people here often complain that there are not enough police around, we know that Cambridgeshire Police are very short of resources.

People this evening were very pleased to see the police, they stopped and chatted and passed on local news. Roger had a chance to update the local officers on some recent events in the larger villages. Even if the distraction burglars are not caught this evening, having a few police around has helped make people feel safer. I wish it could happen more often.

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