Sunday, 2 March 2008

More people vote against the EU Treaty than for their sitting MP

Congratulations to the people of Harlow and those across the country who voted so decisively against the Lisbon Treaty this weekend.

In Harlow 12,254 people voted against the Lisbon treaty. That is 88% of votes cast or 34.7% of the total electorate in this Ballot. In 2005 Harlow's Labour MP was elected with the support of only 26% of the total electorate. More people voted against the Lisbon treaty than voted for their sitting MP , as a proportion of those eligible to vote. The same is true in eight out of the 10 constituencies that held a referendum this weekend.


a very public sociologist said...

I'd be interested to hear what kind of campaigning material went out to the good people of Harlow. Did voters receive a balance of material, putting the case for and against?

It might also be worth noting that, as you know being an elected politician and all, Europe and issues pertaining to it are a very low priority for voters in parliamentary elections. So I doubt the sitting Labour MP will be losing much sleep over this result.

alex said...

I don't know avps. He only has a majority of about 50. The depth of feeling is quite strong that we should have a referendum, even among those like me who would vote yes. It is really a matter of faith in politicians promises-The government has shown a lack of courage in failing to engage the public in a battle they are worried they might lose. Electorally I have no doubt that it will contribute to a lack of confidence in them and ultimately a loss of votes.

I think he will be very worried

Mountjoy said...

That should make those gutless Labour MPs in marginal seats sit up and take notice :-)