Sunday, 2 March 2008

Campaigning in Bedford

Yesterday I went to Bedford. A coffee morning offered all the regions Conservative MEP candidates the chance to meet residents from across the constituency. The local Tories were an impressive bunch. I spent as much time hearing about the other charities they all support and the voluntary work they do as talking politics.

Fueled with caffeine, chocky bics and good cheer we then joined local councillor and blogger Andrew McConnell for a spot of canvassing in Brickhill. On the doorstep, I realised that Andrew has a strong local following, that people were genuinely impressed by what he has done to help them.

Antisocial behaviour was an issue (no surprise there). One resident showed me a bus stop that is regularly vandalised. It was daytime and the roadside was quiet but Andrew promised to return during the evening next week so that he can see the scene when its busy. An example of a proper hands-on local councillor.

Back in my own ward people are concerned about the changes to aircraft stacking and flight paths> I've been ploughing through the "consulation", talking to local residents and businesses. I have contacted the CPRE. They ask why planes can't stack over the sea.. That seems sensible to me. Any ideas welcome.

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