Thursday, 20 March 2008

Avoiding the Easter Traffic, local issues and crime

The family are going away for Easter. We want to avoid the traffic. Aeroplane stacking is a hot topic in my area thanks to the Nats consultation on new flight paths. I am a big supporter of train not plane - where practical.

We will travel from Cambridge to Kings Cross, across the road to St Pancras for the Eurostar - dinner in Paris and then the night train down to the Alps. I first made this journey a few years ago when the youngest was 3 years old. I do recommend it.

Clearing the desk for a holiday is always challenging but there have been some positive results locally;

Yesterday my local council was declared as "improving with promising prospects" by the audit commission. This is a huge step forward from last year - It's been hard work and the first year of Conservative Control. It is not by any means perfect but it is good to have a third party tell you it is better!

Today we finalised the legal agreements for a final handover of Milton Country Park. They will be signed by the end of the month. 10,000 local people signed the petition to save the park so this will be welcome news locally.

Cambridge City Conservatives are also gearing up towards the local elections. Cambridge is the centre of Silicon Fen and very internet savvy so its good to see the local candidates using blogging to get their views across.

On the negative side, elderly residents in the area are being targeted by distraction burgulars pretending to be police officers. I have arranged a house swap so my home wont be empty. Please keep your eyes open for your older neighbours over the holidays.


Simple Tory said...

Wish I was going skiing again - had best ever week on the piste in January.
And going by ski-train too - two extra days, lucky you!!
You'll be away for your the great MEP ranking lottery.
What if you win the jackpot??
Good luck in the vote and take care of those cruciates - you can't canvas on crutches!!

Lois said...

Thanks for pointing out one of the great benefits of home exchange holidays. An occupied home is less likely to be at risk of burglary.


Praguetory said...

So pleased for you on gaining top spot in the East!

Simple Tory said...

Well done Vicky - look forward to canvassing with you next year.
P.S. Elections in Ipswich Borough - doing anything?