Monday, 10 March 2008

Across the East of England

This will be a busy week. Voting papers went out to all members of the Conservative Party in the East of England offering them the chance to rank their candidates for next years Euro-elections. It is a huge geographic area and we are trying to meet as many members as possible. A few days ago we were in Swaffham in Norfolk, yesterday we went South and were overlooking the Thames Estuary in Southend. We go back East to Ipswich tomorrow and then West of the M1 towards Watford on Thursday.

Today some of us joined the Eastern Region Conservative Women's Association conference. The topic was "growing older". The Chief Executive of Age Concern for Essex spoke not just about care of the elderly but about older people's concerns; isolation, fear of crime, rising food prices, heating bills, support for carers, pensions, lack of rural transport etc. He pointed out that in Essex alone the life expectancy can be up to 14 years longer between the most affluent and the most deprived ward.

Members of the Conservative Women's Association are a powerful group. It was good to see them unite members from across this wide area and to hear them focusing (yet again) on the key issues facing all our communities.


Simple Tory said...

Good luck in Ipswich tomorrow!
I won't be there to interrogate you and the other candidates - another appointment elsewhere and probably far more enjoyable!
Don't worry though, your performance at the 'hustings' was good enough to secure a '1'.
P.S. Newcastle for the weekend??

Anonymous said...

Looks like some change is going to finally happen in Bedfordshire, this was on the Beds on Sunday website today!

The leadership challenge is officially on at Bedfordshire County Council.

Cllr Peter Hand will stand against Cllr RussellAs predicted in yesterday's Bedfordshire on Sunday, Conservative Cllr Peter Hand has announced his intention to stand against Cllr Madeline Russell.

The Conservative Cllr Russell has been leader of the council's decision-making executive since 2005.

Cllr Hand will formally submit his nomination papers for the leadership on March 18.

In an email seen by Bedfordshire on Sunday, Cllr Hand told colleagues: "The continuing refusal of the political leadership of the county council to accept the political reality of the unitary decision has been a costly and expensive exercise which has badly tarnished the Conservative brand in Bedfordshire.

"The election of a new leader gives us the opportunity to show that we have changed."

Under Cllr Russell's leadership, the council has fought and lost a battle against its own abolition.

The Government has declared it will dissolve the council next spring so that a new 'unitary' authority can be formed out of Bedford Borough Council.

Cllr Russell recently announced her intention to continue with an attempted Judicial Review, stating: "We cannot accept that this decision is final".

Cllr Hand told Bedfordshire on Sunday: "I can confirm that following numerous conversations with fellow Conservative county councillors the name Peter Hand will be going forward to challenge for the leadership of the Conservative Group on Bedfordshire County Council.

"I very much look forward to this exciting opportunity and the campaign ahead."