Sunday, 24 February 2008

Town and Country ....

Yesterday I went to Luton for a Conservative Action day. We were helping Jeremy Brier, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate by delivering an introductory leaflet.

My delivery area included the "Icknield Way". This is England's oldest road and also passes through my rural ward 42 miles away! In Luton it is an urban thoroughfare, built up, traffic lights, roundabouts, schools, congestion etc etc. In Cambridgeshire the Icknield Way is an ancient green lane through open countryside. But even here there is antisocial driving. Just the day before I had been with our local MP Jim Paice and council officers looking at the devastation caused by off-roaders and other vehicles. Pointless damage and a lane now impassible to others.

A small number of people have trashed the environment for everyone else, they've moved on before anyone could catch them, they can be intimidating so local people don't want to confront them, residents are asked to keep records but little action seems to come of it, people tell me where drugs are being taken.... Its so frustrating because this is really a great part of the country. Does this all sound familiar? Antisocial behaviour, bureaucracy and lack of police etc

Sometimes the problems of town and country seem a million miles apart. Sometimes it seems like the same old story.


Jeremy Brier said...


Thanks so much for coming down to Luton on Saturday. Really appreciated by everyone.

Jeremy Brier

TallPaul said...

You've touched on a subject which has been troubling me lately as we've walked the Cambridgeshire and North Essex countryside this winter so here's a response from a walker and occasional green laner.

Vicky Ford said...

Paul - fair comment and I like your blog. the issue here is responsible use of the countryside. It is fine to drive down these lanes but not to damage them ... tractors can be guilty too.

Vicky Ford said...

Sorry I should have added the tractors often need to get along the lane for access as opposed to enjoyment and that is a slightly differnt issue!