Friday, 15 February 2008

Time to Review Taxes (Again...)

Two years ago I helped write the opening chapters of the Tax Reform Commission. It was a great piece of work at the time. The work needs to be kept up to date and we need to focus on how tax reform is effected. I am glad that George Osborne has announced today that Geoffrey Howe will lead that work.

I'm also extremely glad that George keeps hammering home the comparison between the UK economy and the Irish economy. Only a few years ago Ireland was the poor relation over the sea. Now we look like being left behind. Part of that is due to business friendly taxation, part of it is due to excellent education and part of it is due to Ireland getting a decent share of EU investment over many years. All important lessons for the UK.


Anonymous said...

Tell it how it, Vicky! The Saorstadt is getting massive EU subsidies whilst England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster are paying endlessly into the leaky bucket.

Who got us into this mess? Labour? The LDs? Oh, no, it was the Tories, Maggie T and all. And who will get us out of it again? Thank God for UKIP!

Vicky Ford said...

Come on - lets look at the mess we are in today not mud sling about accusations of what may or may not have happened when I was still a school-kid.

If UKIP are ever prepared to come up with some fully costed, in detail analysis for how we help get people off benefits and into work in the UK, in the context of the highly globally competitive world we live in then do send me a copy.