Monday, 18 February 2008

I want a referendum...

On Saturday I went down to Harlow to help the "I want a Referendum" campaign. Harlow is one of only 10 constituencies in the UK that is holding this unofficial referendum. It will ask whether the Government should hold our promised national referendum and thus allow the people to decide whether the EU Constitution is right or wrong.

There was an excellent turnout of supporters - some of us canvassed, some delivered leaflets, and another large group spoke to people in the town centre.

I was impressed by the awareness of local residents on the issues. Many had already voted. There is going to be a mass lobby of parliament on 27th February. I hope there will be a good turnout!


Newmania said...

Do you know Colleen who is very keen down Harklow way

Well done by the way I wish we had some interest inlewes where I am. Norman baker is getting away with murder

Vicky Ford said...

Colleen was there on Saturday and is organising a bus load of people to go to the mass Lobby next week