Sunday, 20 January 2008

What skills does a candidate need?

I've just got home from the Maidstone and the Weald selection - leaving the association executive mulling over which of the final 5 applicants to chose as their candidate. It was great to be in the final 9. I've discovered a beautiful part of the country, learnt a lot and met some wonderful people. I have also been involved in a highly professional selection process.

James Brokenshire MP summed it up a bit like this.... "The Association has clearly defined what skills they are looking and is properly testing each of us on each of those those skills" (actually James described it even more intelligently than that). During the past 6 weeks we have drafted press releases, door to door canvassed, met representatives from the voluntary sector, and been interviewed and questioned at least twice. Ian Hislop was the question master this morning - I asked him if he felt better or worse about politicians after his experience. "Much better" he said. He went on to explain that he thought all the candidates were of a far higher calibre than he had expected.

There has been flak in the papers about the number of men and women in this selection - it was even suggested that I was there as a token girl. I've enjoyed this selection, enjoyed meeting all the candidates and will be sorry if the stories in the press distract from the most in depth selection process that I have been involved in.

p.s. have just heard that Helen Grant has won the nomination - she was charming and intelligent and will make a great MP


Man in a Shed said...

Is there not a conflict of interest between what a constituency would like and what a governing party needs to function in a candidate ? How is that resolved ?

Anonymous said...

Keep at it Vicky you will be a great MP one day. Can't you persuade Mr Paice to step down?

Andrew Allison said...

Getting a seat to fight for is one of the most difficult things you can ever do in your life.

I'm sure you will go on a become a great MP. The best of luck for the future

Ellee Seymour said...

Commiserations Vicky, after so much hard work and preparation, but a great honour, nevertheless, to have made it this far.

Vicky Ford said...

Man in a shed - yes there is sometimes a conflict between the sort of person who might be a perfect consituent MP and the sort of work MPs need to do when governing. For example in the past I've heard some constituents moan if their MP does work overseas - even though that MP could be doing great things for Britains relationship abroad. It is a question of balance - and also making sure that the party has excellent people on its approved candidate list.

Right now I think the Labour party could do with having a MP who understands financial markets - perhaps that would get my taxpayer money back out of the Rock......

Also I'm not asking my MP Mr Paice to step down as I think he is doing a great job and its important to have someone who really does understand agriculture doing the Shadow Agriculture job!

Anonymous said...

Helen Grant was a member of the Labour Party until 2006. She donated her offices in Purley Way, Croydon, to run a Labour Party phone bank in the 2005 general election. She approached the local Labour Party in Croydon in 2006 to stand as a council council, but was rejected on the grounds of not being a resident. Now, in 2008, she has been selected for a safe Conservative seat, beating candidates with many years' standing in the Conservative Party.

gentleben said...

not being a conservative is a good start

Anonymous said...

Looks as though Ms Grant will make an ideal MP .
Learn to tell porkies at the very first oportunity ( especially if it gets you the Tory ticket !! )
You was all robbed by a leftie Vicky .
Id challenge the decision

Simple Tory said...

Tough luck Vicky!
Better Luck Saturday!?

Anonymous said...

Can you clarify something, do you want to be an MP or MEP.

I hear a rumour that you want to be an MEP. Wondered if you had made your mind up yet?

Vicky Ford said...

I've spent 3 hours this evening pouring over the protocols, spread sheets, analysis and moderation that needs to be followed just to change a couple of road signs. Much of our fustrating bureaucracy comes from Westminster but much also comes from Europe. I'm prepared to represent my country and community, to put forward a case for common sense at whatever level I can make a difference whether in Westminster, local government or Europe.

Anonymous said...

You failed to answer the question, which is it to be, Westminster or Europe, simple answer?

No need for a long rant, just - please can you be clear.

Anonymous said...

Well after today there is at least another Tory seat available to try !
Im sure Vicky would be happy as long as she gets away from being just a district councillor , especially if you look at the quality of the motley crew the Tories have there .
By the way no thought on Tory MPs ripping of the tax payer Vicky ?
Bet Roger Gale feels a complete ----after all that on Radio 4 about it all being a wicked media witchhunt .

Anonymous said...

Do you ever answer your blog?

So now you are an MEP candidate, can we expect your loyalty. Will you now, no longer try and stand for a Westminster seat?

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:56 I would have thought you need to give your name if you want to make demands like that.

Simple Tory said...

Congratulations Vicky!
Well done yesterday - when does your campaign start?
The question is, how do you make 3rd or 4th ranking??
Don't sweat over the nasty anon comments!

Anonymous said...

Good grief,
How can anyone now who carries the mantle of such as Churchill( ie calls themselves a Tory ) put themselves forward to be a Brussels babe?
Full of second rate failed Westminster politicians such as Kinnock and ( sacked twice ) Mandelson as well as all those creepy Italian types never mind the Irish lot who have taken the money.
A budget so corrupted it hasnt been signed off for years .
And a destroyer of a thousand years of English history .
How could any one but a complete looser even consider this as somewhere they would firstly want to be and secondly that they would do any good ( other than for themselves )
Youd be far better off staying home and bringing your children up to know that this was once a fair and pleasant land that made its own law and ruled for the benefit of all .
You might also read them Churchills " History of the Emglish People "

Anonymous said...

I certainly wont be voting for you, neither will others when they see how much you ignore comments on here...

Have u lost your tounge?

I say, lets make Ms Ford number 7 on the Eastern Region list.

Obviously your USELESS

Can't even be bothered to answer a blog.

Vicky Ford said...

Dear anonymous over the past couple of days...

Don't jump to conclusions.

We need to reduce waste at the Brussels level as well as at the local and national level. I agree that it is shocking that Brussels accounts have not been signed off. I believe we need to pull powers back from Brussel not give them more. That is one of the reasons why I have applied for the job and will, I hope be able to bring my experience to do a good job.

There will be lots of opportunities to meet and discuss this with members and with all the candidates over the next few weeks. There will be literature too. You will be able to discuss this face to face. I hope you will!

Anonymous said...

yeap - u still don't get my vote. You continue to avoid the questions.


alex said...

anonymous is best ignored, I think vicky. I think its highly unlikely he/she has a vote in this selection

But if he is still reading this then he might do well to remember that Churchill was someone who crossed the floor of the house twice, and who no doubt would be vilified in todays politics for putting personal ambition above principle. He is still one of the greatest men in our history.

His book, incidentally, was called "A history of the English Speaking Peoples" if Mr Anon would like to read it

Anonymous said...

I think Alex needs to know that there are seemingly more than one person using the anon on this blog.
As for his points , whats the point of having a blog if you only listen to the supportive replies .
And Churchill certainly had principles , mainly those of belief in debate , freedom and parliament .
He wouldnt have recognised the snivelling excuses for Tories that we now have as Lord help us an alternative Gov , and indeed on our local councils district and county .( think guided bus , congestion charges and gov inspectors )
You only have to look at " call me Dave "

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