Sunday, 13 January 2008

Traffic, traffic, traffic GRIDLOCK

On Friday I spent 4 1/2 hours in traffic jams travelling less than 90 miles. I was going to write a blog on this but I was too cross.

Averaging 20mph I would have been better off (and happier) riding a horse. This was not London, Bangkok or New York gridlock. Most of it wasn't even motorway gridlock. This was just typical South / East England rural gridlock with a smattering of rain. Too many houses without decent transport links.


Simple Tory said...

Has your local Association produced their CPF report on Transport yet?
If not I suggest you get cracking and rubbish New Labour's Integrated Transport legacy, i.e. GRIDLOCK!!
Anyway, what stretch of which road was the culprit?

Vicky Ford said...

Dear Simple Tory

I wish that it was that simple. My traffic gridlock experience that day was on 3 completely different roads all at different times.......