Friday, 14 December 2007

Fraud... who pays? who cares?

Today's news is that benefit fraud is costing British tax payers neary £3 billion a year. To put that in context the total amount paid by all tax payers in council tax in the whole country is only around £20 billion - Wouldn't you love it if your council tax was 15% lower? £3 billion is a lot of money and they're only the ones the government knows about.

For the past few months as a councillor I've been following the benefit department. So far this year this one tiny council has sucessfully prosecuted 17 benefit fruadsters and each time I give a quote to the local paper. I often wonder if this makes a difference - but today I learnt that it does. Amongst this morning's christmas cards was an anonymous letter from someone who says he/she has seen my press statements and he/she tips the council off to another 4 potential fraudsters. Thank you, who ever you are, for your letter. Little things like this if multiplied across the country would make a big difference.

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What sentences did these 17-cases attract?