Monday, 3 December 2007

Another death on the road

Tragically there was another death on my local road this weekend. This now makes 22 deaths in under 10 miles in 10 years. It's a small rural road never designed for the traffic it sees today. Similar stories are repeated on rural roads all over the country.

Strictly speaking roads issues are outside my "job" as a district councillor but I've spent hours on the phone today to the public campaigners, MPs, Parish Councillors, Senior Councillors - in fact anyone I can find to help add weight. Tonight's news is the Highways dept are going to consider dropping the speed limit on the whole road. This will be a small victory for those of us who have been campaigning for improvements - but the price of yet another fatal accident is too high.


Anonymous said...

The A1307 is a road that can be severely congested at certain times of the day. At others, it is very quiet. Whatever the level of traffic, the road itself is perfectly safe. The ONLY way to stop the carnage is for the road users to use common sense and stick to the law. The biggest issue surrounding the A1307 is the dreadful standard of driving by the people who live near it.

Vicky Ford said...

I agree that some of the driving stories I hear are dreadful - but many of the accidents involve innocent motorists. The key point here is that local people want a lower speed limit and deserve to be listened too. Extra police would be a help - but that is true in all parts of the country!

Peter Hase said...


This road will only get safer when we manage to slow people down and your campaigns are doing all the right things. The County Council are not acting to help get the speed limit down and the useless sitting County Councillor should resign. Keep going and I wish I could do more to help.

Anonymous said...

Peter says the useless sitting county councillor should resign. But he's an LD, and they're in opposition, me dears! Maybe the portfolio-holder for transportation should resign? Silly me, he's a Tory, so that won't happen, will it?