Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Safety on the A 1307

The story of the A1307 is repeated on many roads across the country.

21 people have lost their lives in the past 10 years in a 10 mile stretch of road. It’s a rural road and was never designed as a major truck route for commuter traffic between two of Eastern England’s fastest growing centres. As you drive along the road you see memorial after memorial to the people who have lost their lives.

The road traverses a county boundary. The new houses are in one governmental district but the infrastructure impact ricochets across neighbours. Cars don’t stop at county boundaries but due to complex planning procedures money often does.

Working alongside the campaign group Access 1307, the local MP Jim Paice, and many local residents we have been campaigning for safety improvements. Improvements to the junctions are key but many of the fatalities are due to high speeds. Earlier this year we surveyed every household in the area on their views for reducing the speed limits. Local residents want a lower speed limit. I’ve been on the radio, the papers even the TV.

Last night we heard that part of our campaign has been successful and the speed limit on the road will be reduced in part of the area. This is welcome but it only covers half of the route. I will continue to campaign for improvements along the whole of this dreadful road.

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Iain Dale said...

An Uncle of mine was killed at the very junction you are standing at - admittedly some time ago,so all power to your elbow!

Vicky Ford said...

Dear Iain

This road and some like it have affected so many different people over the years. This particular junction is one where we will get the speed limit reduced. Hopefully this will make a bit of a difference.


Mark Brinkley said...

One of the remarkable features of the A1307 is there is no way of getting in and out of Linton without running the gauntlet of two streams of traffic. A population of 5,000, plus a B road crossing, without a traffic light or a roundabout.

I wonder how many other settlements of this size have such an arrangement? Waterbeach is the only one I can think of locally. I would think it's quite rare and represents a good lever to extract funding rom Highways.