Monday, 12 November 2007

Round the world with the Conservative Women

It was a truly inspiring day at the Conservative Women’s Conference today. We learnt about the amazing work that women are making to rebuilding African nations, Zainab Salbi inspired us with her simple, effective ideas for helping women in war zones, Lord Melchett from the soil association and Tom Burke from Rio Tinto were thrown question after question about how to help protect our planet from the rain forest destruction via Chinese consumption to what we put in our own fridges.

David Cameron brought the conference back home with a hugely sensitive speech and array of policy suggestions to confront the shocking statistics on rape in the UK.

I'm not a fan of "wimmins" groups but the Conservative Women’s Association showed that they not only care about these issues but also want to know how they can help

As Christmas looms I'm sure we all wanted to ask Iain Dale where he got that tie… it could save me a lot of time in my Christmas shopping. But somehow there were more pressing questions.

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