Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The Girubuntu Orphanage in Rwanda

This summer I joined 43 Conservatives working on 20 different voluntary projects in Rwanda. The world is a much smaller place than it was when I was a child. I have learnt that if we are to make it a safer place for our children then we must do our part to help reduce war and poverty.

Rwanda is a country that has been to hell and back. It is rebuilding itself. When you ask local people in Rwanda how you can help they continually ask you to act as their voice in the west, making sure that people understand the importance of peace and international development.

I have done radio interviews, been interviewed in local papers and by the end of January I will have spoken to many voluntary organisations across Eastern England about our experiences in Rwanda and what we can learn. I continue to raise funds for the Girubuntu orphanage.

p.s. update I've just heard from a local business that is going to sponsor £10 towards each child in the orphanage for a special Christmas. THANK YOU

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