Thursday, 4 October 2007

Postoffice Closures

My local Cambridgeshire postoffice is a key part of my life. Every morning I buy my paper and pick up a loaf of bread. I join local businesspeople in the queue to send letters or parcels and, as we are 10 miles from the nearest bank, the cash facility is vital. Older people collect their money and the doctors' arranges for prescriptions to be dropped off there too. Last Christmas I wrote about the bravery of the post-master when they were robbed. The shop and the postoffice are joined at the hip. I, for one, am prepared to pay slightly over the odds on each transaction for this service and I know many others would too. It saves me miles of travel.

Today I visited post-offices in Lincolnshire that are on the list for possible "closure". The public have been offered a 6 week consultation... but one postmaster told me he thinks the decisions have already been made. The option "let us know how much it might cost to keep our post office open" is not available. How can something be called a consultation if there is no means to negotiate?


Ellee said...

Vicky, I agree too that the decision has been made. I think our postmasters and its users need to become activists and protest vociferously like French protesters. They need to take a much harder line. We should not let the government get away with this. I am worried my village post office might close too.

Malcolm said...

I think we're lucky in a big city, where we have all the amenities on hand. It's hard for us to appreciate the impact one facility has on an individuals way of life. Perhaps that's true of government ministers in some respects too?

The Royal Mail workers who are on strike are also putting a nail in the coffin of Post Offices. There are many easy alternative ways of communication these days. Once people have moved over to new technology, snail mail will become less and less useful.

The only time I ever go into a Post Office these days is to post parcels of items I've sold on eBay!