Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Community service offenders are above picking up litter

There's been a lot said about rubbish recently - bin taxes, fly-tipping etc.

The verges have just had their autumnal haircut. Far from leaving the area neat and tidy the mowers have uncovered the trash discarded by motorists - bottles, bags, and I can't politely describe what else. This evening I spotted 4 rats in 400 yards.

I stopped and picked up some rubbish myself. I asked the council to send in some extra manpower. They will send bin bags and neon jackets for a community litter pick. I suggest contacting the probation service to see if some of those on "Community Service" sentences would help.

I'm told litter picking is 'demeaning' and 'beneath what offenders should be asked to do', and not therefore appropriate for those on community service.

So its OK to pay a council employee overtime to collect litter, its OK for those who care about their community to collect litter. But for law-breakers who are told to serve the community it is "demeaning". I guess that's why there is so much rubbish.


Simple Tory said...

Demeaning .... my backside.

Get them out there - in PINK overalls!

Humiliation works!


Ellee said...

It is not demeaning to have a pride in your community. It's the whole attitude that's wrong about this kind of work.

Vicky, I wanted to check if you are going to the Conservative Women's Conference next Monday. I shall be there and thought we might meet up.