Thursday, 27 September 2007

Update from Grantham and Stamford

I've been up in Grantham and Stamford quite a bit this week....Spending time meeting local people and listening to their issues.

At Grantham Hospital I spoke to members of staff. It is clear that the uncertainty has had a huge affect on morale. It's a great hospital. I saw where my sister-in-law had her first breast lump removed (she's now clear), where my nephew goes for his ENT appointments, and where the midwives cared for my niece.

As a local councillor I'm used to fighting the government for services in our rapidly growing towns. Grantham is planning to be a growth area. It is utter madness to be building thousands of new homes and then cut our most essential service.


Tony said...

The Wellingborough area is also set to have an additional 12,000+ homes built over the next 14 years. Yet with no hospital of our own and all this planned growth, there is a review starting into provision at Kettering, which I hear includes a proposal to close the A&E department. It is utter lunacy.

Man in a Shed said...

Good comment from the floor this morning (Mon 1 Oct). Well done.

We need to keep pointing out to the public what is really going on.

Ellee said...

I support what Tony says. I really like the Grantham and Stamford areas. I know you would make a great candidate, and a great MP. Good luck Vicky.