Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Thank you to the police....

Thank you to chief constable Julie Spence for
putting her head above the parapet today
. Even the Guardian agrees that pressures of immigration are putting huge new stresses on our public services. When a professional police officer says we have a problem we should listen.

Cambridgeshire has the 2nd lowest funded police service per head - followed only by Lincolnshire. Last night I attended a packed meeting of a "community neighbourhood policing panel" in Cambridgeshire. There were representatives of 18 parishes from tiny villages to city outskirts. Everywhere there were stories about escalating antisocial behaviour, needless vandalism, dangerous driving, syringes on the football pitch etc. A small minority of people causing increasing chaos for others.

Yet again there were many stories of people just not bothering to report crime anymore... and the number crunching statistics don't reflect the problems that are seen by residents.

Judging from the bags under their eyes, our handful of police officers are working their socks off .... but there simply aren't enough of them to cope.

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Ellee said...

Vicky, I've written about this too. It's truly scandalous to imagine that such heinous crimes are happening right on our doorstep. If the police have to focus on this kind of crime, it means they are not out on the street sorting out the other problems. Support community police officers are not the answer as they have no power.

Have you been watching Murphy's Law on TV the last couple of nights? It's about people trafficking in Norfolk, it is so chilling and gripping.