Sunday, 23 September 2007

Fighting for the NHS

So Gordon says he will fight the next General election on the NHS - You bet he will. Hospital closures, hospital cuts, 10,000 doctors marching through the streets of London, mass protests outside Westminster and all over the country. He's been in charge of all the money for the last 10 years has he really spent it well?

He will also have to fight the next general election on crime and policing, the economy, and the failures of immigration. Back into your Red Corner Gordon .....


Brynley said...

Hi Vicky,

How did you get on at Grantham & Stamford?

We hear that you are through to the final four.

So congratulations.

Better than Nicholas Boles anyway.

Vicky Ford said...

Thank you for your kind wishes ... I don't know Nick personally but I'm sure he is an excellent candidate too.

Spent today in Grantham and Stamford... many stories to relate. Final is on Oct 5th