Sunday, 19 August 2007

Bring it on Gordon...

In the news today is the story that the Conservative Party are preparing for an Autumn election - should the PM decide to call one. I for one say "Bring it on Gordon".

OK Gordon has had a boost in the polls but I don't believe that he will do as well as he thinks.

From first hand experiences of recent parliamentary selections, I know that the Conservative Party is well armed with an troop of outstanding candidates in many, many constituencies. Candidates who bring wide ranges of different experiences to offer their country, often with strong local roots and, vitally, candidates who are prepared to roll up their sleeves to help others.

Pictured here are Maggie Throup candidate for Solihull and Mary MacLoed candidate for Brentford and Isleworth, giving up their Saturday to come and help me work on the preschool for orphans in Rwanda. Both are constituencies I know well and both candidates will make outstanding MPs for the people they seek to represent. They are not alone. So go on Gordon, give us the chance to paint our own country just a bit bluer.

P.S I've realised that I haven't posted many pictures of the Rwanda trip and everyone in the street asks how it went. So here are just some of the many that show some of the children we helped and some of what we all did.... Thank you for your support.


The Wilted Rose said...

Absolutely agree with you, Vicky, and Gordon can put his troops up against some outstanding Tory candidates and campaigners; and he'll be in for a shock. The 42% Lab, 32% Con, 16% LD opinion poll is only a Brown Bounce -- it will change rapidly over the next few months and especially during an Election Campaign...

Rachel Joyce said...

I also agree - a month of real reporting on the issues will give us a real boost - we have already improved by 5% this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dont kid yourselves .
If Browm goes for it soon he will win .
He looks the part , is nothing like Blair and people seem in no hurry now to get shot .Remember Gov loose elections oppositions do not win them .Plus,
Cameron has spoilt it so much for himself of late and frankly looks like a complete lightweight with no true convictions ( rather like call me Tony was )
The country is also now so used to being nanny state lead it cant contemplate voting to bring back Tory ideals ( though not I think Camerons ! )of self reliance .
Its all " communities " now ( what a load of rubbish that concept is )
Thinking of the above who the heck thought it a good idea to let Mrs Cameron out loose .
Im afraid that very rich Sloane Yummy Mummy telling us that her favourite Christening present was a pink leather bible at only £150 shows how out of touch with the real world the Tories are .
Please someone remind Dave weve already heard and seen enough of party leaders women in the dreadful Cherie.