Sunday, 8 July 2007

Taking to the Skies

Today must have been the first day for weeks that it didn't rain here. We joined many hundreds of others for a wonderful day out at the Duxford Air Show.

A few thoughts -

The flight of 8 spitfires brought memories flooding back to my older neighbours in the crowd. The fact that these planes are still in the skies today is largely due to the hoards of volunteers who give hours of their time to our museums.

My children were terrified by the sound of just one F15 bomber flashing past. The US Airforce captain over the tannoy told us of the thousands of sorties these planes have flown in Iraq. Children in year 4 and above are taught about the blitz have acted out being evacuees from that war - but few children are being taught about the wars British troops are fighting in today.

There were sideshows, history, aero-dynamics and wingwalkers. It was a great day out (see the big smile) but going to an event like this is incredibly expensive. The ticket prices came in at £99 for a family of six (deep intake of breath at the kiosk). This museum though could not survive without these revenue busting spectaculars and it was a day that my family will remember.

Many museums have become more accessible since the introduction of free entry and I would like to see every child have access to the education they provide - but museums can't stand still. At what point does it become more than an educational day out and become an entertainment? If museums want to offer something a bit more of the latter from time to time then they need the option to be able to charge for it.

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Ellee said...

I remember taking my son to the Mildenhall air show and he sat in the car huddled on the floor with his hands over his ears the whole time, they hate the loud noise.
I was fortunate to be parked on site outside the press office, I wouldn't have left him in the public car park.