Monday, 2 July 2007

Planning for Rwanda

I'm getting my things together for the trip that I will be making to Rwanda in a couple of weeks. I will be joining a group of Conservative MPs, Councillors, Candidates and party members for a fortnight of VSO supported projects. The aim is for us to learn about what it is like at the frontline in one of Africa's most troubled countries and to understand the need for sustainable aid.

I feel hugely honoured to be included on this trip - and in case you wanted to know we are all paying our own way from our own purses. A different sort of summer holiday.

I've chaired a community pre-school here for 3 years and will be helping to build a pre-school attached to an orphanage in Kigali. I will be taking with me photos of what works and doesn't work in pre-school buildings in the UK, I've start to collect some toys, books and games to put in my luggage. I feel like a pin cushion from all the jabs.

This weekend I was given a list of equipment that the pre-school needs urgently. Everything from tables and chairs to cups and pencils. If you would like to help sponsor any of the equipment we need please do email me.

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Ellee said...

Lucky you, I wish I was going, I hope you keep us updated during your visit. Or at least try and email me some text in Word and I will post it on my site on your behalf. Good luck.