Saturday, 14 July 2007

Out to Africa

Today I was meant to be leaving with a group of MPs, councillors, and conservative party supporters for our voluntary service project in Rwanda.

OK so one of the first things we have learnt is that getting there isn't that easy. The flight to Nairobi was cancelled. 8 of the party were put on another flight, 5 have gone home for the night and 3 of us are sitting in a Heathrow hotel with 300 other passengers waiting for a new plane at 6am tomorrow. Everyone is pretty frustrated.

I'm here with Nicola, a flautist, who will be running a music program in a school. In her bag are 30 recorders and recorder books. Kitty will be in Butare where she will be working on a VSO project with young people. Her backpack is stuffed full of condoms and educational leaflets.

The problem is that though we will get to Nairobi, we will undoubtedly miss the connecting flight to Kigali tomorrow and the few flights are always very booked up. Nicola has been on the phone to Kenya airlines at least 15 times today ... everyone is trying hard but working in areas with difficult communication links is challenging.

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